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The Time Machine 

I began working on a series of projects based on HG Wells' The Time Machine in 2018. The first of those was a full-scale redaction/ erasure project that remade the novel as a visual narrative based on the First World War. This was followed in 2019 by burials and exposures of the book in Wales. In 2021, I created another set of visual poems based on a precursor text of The Time Machine, 'The Chronic Argonauts'. The project is currently developing in terms of writing, visual and sound art based on the River Dee.

An Invention

The full-scale reworking of The Time Machine, called An Invention, will be published by Trickhouse Press in 2023.


Book burials

In 2019, as symbolic acts of restitution, I bound and buried a number of versions of The Time Machine and the decommissioned  nuclear power station at Trawsfynydd.



The reworking of The Chronic Argonauts, called Argo-0, was published by Steel Incisors Press in 2022. For more details and to buy, see:


The Vale

The project has become a multi-media activation of the Dee Valley by using site-specific visual, sound and writing practices. The first, based at the church at Llantysilio, was displayed at the DivFuse Gallery in London in 2022. 

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